Ideas for Digital Website

This blog post will cover some brainstorming idea for the digital website portion of my thesis project.

I won’t say I hadn’t been giving this some thought already (even though it’s always a work on progress). For the digital website, I remember I spoke to Dr. Z at one point to go over how to set it up. She suggested using WordPress as more of a website in stead of a blog (I think maybe kind of like what I’m doing now).

As for content, I plan to include the following:

  • The Pilot
  • Episode 2
  • The Literature Review
  • Blog posts
  • Character backgrounds (maybe?)
  • Progress photos (similar to the ones from my presentation)
  • I was also thinking about including a brief self reflected video (If there’s time. Unfortunately I most likely will not be doing the documentary of the progress. Unless either I never need sleep or somehow more hours get put into the day.)

That’s what I’m thinking. If there’s anything I could be missing, comment below.


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