Wanted to post. Made some progress this week. Hoping to be done with a solid draft of the first episode by tomorrow. Honestly, I sat home and realized I wasn’t getting enough done. So, I drove over to a Barnes and Noble by me. Although I only had about two hours of time there, I treated it as if it were crunch time. I felt good about it, and set myself up with a spot to continue the next scene.

I think this helped me with my writing. Before, I was always on a mission to end the scene. This time, whenever I decided to take a break from writing, I either wrote down the location of the next scene ,or added direction so I knew where it headed. This made it easier to come back and pick up where I left off.

Spoke to my friend (mentioned this to Dr. Z) about looking over my pilot. He’s super awesome, and also just so happens to have a film degree. He offered to look over my formatting and give me suggestions to keep the story fresh and moving smoothly. I told him I’d send in the first episode in full by tomorrow. I think I’m heading towards a better place with my thesis work. More to tell, though after this week. Stay tuned…


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